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There have been a lot of changes going on at Hess Mental Health! Our business has grown to the point that our blog is now a part of our new official site that you can access with the link on the right. It is so exciting to know people are talking about mental health! I can’t tell you how great that is!! We have a long way to go yet, but we’re on the right track to eventually eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness.

If you begin talking to others about mental health, I promise you will be surprised at the number of people you know who are also needing to talk about it! Remember that knowledge is power. The more we talk about mental health, the better we can educate others. Do I really believe we can make mental health a conversation as common as cancer now is? Yes! Yes, I definitely believe we can. Just as cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence, but a condition we manage, I believe mental health can and will be a topic we will discuss openly with interest, understanding and without shame or embarrassment. We will even talk about our head like we talk about our heart! Afterall, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Keep talking people!!

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