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Studies show that calcium and strontium compete for absorption when taken together, and that
strontium is better absorbed when taken away from meals. We package Pro Bono into AM (before food)
and PM packets to eliminate any competition between calcium and strontium for absorption, ensuring
the maximum bioavailability of both ingredients.

Researchers reporting in the New England Journal of Medicine found a 41% reduction in vertebral fractures
over 3 years when adding strontium to a stable calcium and vitamin D diet regimen. Pro Bono provides multiple
ingredient sources for calcium to maximize uptake, and a therapeutically dosed 1,000 mg of strontium.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K is required for the synthesis of osteocalcin, a bone protein integral for bone formation. Osteocalcin
provides the structure and order to bone tissue; without it, bones would be fragile and easily broken. In humans,
vitamin K levels fall during recovery from a fracture evidencing that this nutrient is actually drawn from the rest of
the body to the site of the fracture. Vitamin K2, menaquinones, are produced naturally by bacteria unlike its more
popular cousin vitamin K1 which is found in greater concentrations in green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is known to be responsible for day-to-day maintenance of calcium and mineral homeostasis.
Further, vitamin D is proven to support healthy bone density, an important component of strong bones.
Many researchers point to an unrecognized epidemic of vitamin D deficiency among older Americans,
suggesting that of those 200,000+ persons who suffer hip fractures each year, many are vitamin D

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