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Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is a type of hormone that was originally prescribed for women who were having trouble with conception. It has worked in helping many women with irregular menstrual cycles to ovulate and thereby making their chances of becoming impregnated much greater. Later, athletes and body-builders started using it, after having completed a steroid treatment plan, to enhance their athletic performance. The upper arms and abdominal area are where the most benefit of its use is noted. One of the biggest benefits of the drug is to prevent gynocomastia (breast enlargement in males.) It has also been used to reverse muscle tissue damage that may have resulted from an injury. It has been proven to help lower cholesterol and acts as a bone tissue agonist. It is very helpful in establishing endurance, but not proven to be effective with weight training while trying to gain muscle mass.

Clomid is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM.) The primary function is to bind to receptors and this will in turn block the bodies own estrogen itself from binding to the receptors. Athletes’ find positive results in their body-building efforts because Clomid raises the bodies’ natural testosterone levels. Athletes have no problem find Clomid for sale across the internet.

Clomid is compared to the drug, Nolvadex. Many buy Clomid more regularly than nolvadex, because it is not as strong and they can buy Clomid cheaper. It is safe to use for up to around four months, without losing its potency, and help elevate testosterone levels. Some have found the most benefits by using 100 mgs per day, for a week, and than reducing the amount to 50mcgs per day, for a week. Lowered testosterone usually manifests after a vigorous steroid regimen. For this reason Clomid is taken post-cycle. It isn’t being used as often as it once was because of possible side effects such as vision problems, or mood disturbances. It is important to discuss with your health care professional any desire you have to pursue this type of endurance treatment. It is easy to find cheap Clomid for sale online.

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