02 Nov

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Work hard, golf clubs 2011 which I wrote a year and a half after the application has been approved
by the leadership of the quality control department, transferred to the
Department to be a point of quality control Honma golf clubs inspector.
Members of the so-called point inspection is carried out on patrol in
the production staff, even though things are more the pressure was
great, but it is the road I took the first step in quality management.
As outstanding performance, and after another year and a half, I had the
honor to become a production line inspection line monitor, wages have
greatly improved than before, but being a manager of the most basic
level is a golf clubs putters outlet very hard job. Do not know how many
times, rest time, and we all sat down to rest, and I was sweating
running and do not know how many times, we have gone from work, I’m
still busy. However, the resignation of employees of a sentence before
he makes me very happy, she said, so Mizuno JPX E600 Driver many years I have seen her work the best squad leader. During that
time, I manage the team, either from the yield, quality, or 5S, etc.,
are organized, we have also won the Outstanding Team of the company’s
small group activities. Is because of this, I was recommended to the
company’s production of innovative leadership group, to become a company
dedicated to the reform totage golf clubs of the technicians. More
than 1,000 people in a production company to implement reforms, the
enormity of the task can be imagined. The face of stubborn some people
thought, not for aggressive state of mind, is the drastic for, or to
carry out the steady Meetings, discussion programs, supervise their
implementation, impact assessment, continuous improvement, a lot of
nights, I was in the office Lisi Suo … … Finally, the work pays off,
through their own efforts, I have static TaylorMade R9 Driver OMV, 5S management, logistics improvement , rationalization of
production layout, inventory reduction, standard working hours
management and TPS Toyota ping golf clubs Production System has
accumulated a lot of experience. However, this time, the accident
happened, his illness was admitted to the hospital. I had temporarily
left their jobs, heart and soul of rest and recuperation. However, Owes a
great debt in later, in forty days in hospital, I was finally freed and
returned to his office. To start their new life, to continue the
unfinished work in their own … … Six months later, I switched to
private enterprise to do a lot of production supervisor, where the work
is also very difficult. I have more than one hundred employees under the
company’s treatment of employees are not very good, and work overtime
every day to night half past eleven, when the time for shipments even
more than two odyssey golf clubs busy night, and sometimes a half hour break at noon time but also
overtime for an hour, said some employees into the plant six months.

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