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Autism is a set of behaviors that affect individuals differently. There are three
main types of autism spectrum disorder:


  1. Asperger’s syndrome
  2. Pervasive developmental disorder
  3. Autistic disorder.

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Dyslexia is a learning disability that damages a person’s ability to read.
Children with Dyslexia are puzzled with letters and numbers and often tend to
translate in pictures and images.

There are mainly three types of Dyslexia:

Drug Abuse & Addiction

  1. Developmental dyslexia
  2. Trauma dyslexia
  3. Primary dyslexia.

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People’s sleep needs vary according to their stage in life and other
hard-to-understand genetic factors.

Eating Disorder

  1. Difficulty falling asleep
  2. Problems with sleeping through the night
  3. Difficulty staying awake during the day
  4. Decreased daytime performance

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Behavioral disorder in which child shows impaired attention and concentration.
Such a disorder impairs the child’s ability to function normally socially,
academically and at home.

Dual Diagnosis

  • Fidgets or squirms frequently
  • Difficulty playing quietly
  • Running and climbing excessively
  • Always seems on the go

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There are many children suffering from poor or less eating habits. Besides other
possible reasons of such disorder, in many cases it is due to psychological

Mood & Anxiety Disorders

  1. Poor Eating
  2. Binge eating

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A child can struggle with different kinds of fear. He may suffer silently or be
vocal about it. A phobia, fear in child could relate to:

fears and fobias

  1. Person or animal
  2. An activity such as swimming, cycling
  3. A situation – being alone, dark
  4. Objects like injection, needle,

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