04 Nov

Babs says ching ching ching

first friday paper monkey

that was an excellent
evening. first at the super-packed paper heart i got to monkey-action
go-go dance for a rockabilly band, the toomstoners…. then i got to
get some for real monkey dance in. all the while, a nekkid chick was
having gene simmons painted on her torso. then off to el museo to
monkey dance and dance with blue fur. what a dancey night.

even got invited to further go-go dance for the toomstoners the
following sunday at the rhythm room. i was sooooo into it until the guy
“scary gary” (shah.) said i could leave my monkey face at home. “leave
my mask… at home?!” what! ever! though it would be fun to get some of
dem 60’s style go-go dancer outfits. so maybe one day in the future.
but come on…. who doesn’t want a monkey faced go-go dancer?! that’s
just crazy talk.

oh! and a note on fronting…

i have heard/witnessed the following disgruntlements from people that do not care for simiana:
some people think i am making fun of women – trying to objectify women’s bodies by masking my face. duh. just mine, tho.
some people think i am making fun of black people – this actually
outrages me. i’ve had several black people imply that i am implying
that black people look like a simiana. shit. i am doing NOTHING of the
sort. what a bunch of crap.
some people think i am making fun of bellydancers – are you kidding
me!? several people have implied that i am implying that bellydancers
are ugly. shit. i am doing NOTHING of the sort. what another bunch of
and i suppose the simians out there will be insulting thinking that i
am trying to imply that they are only good for ass-shaking and
banana-eating. karate! i know that they are also good at loving kittens
and dancing all vaudeville style with red and white striped jackets and
straw hats and canes.

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