11 Nov

About me

I am a marketing consultant with a MS in Advertising. I feel the best marketing is one that is based on a sound strategy. Once you have a strategy that fits your market and your needs, the rest falls into place.

I  will be sharing my knowledge with small business owners, like you, who want to learn the basics of online marketing through a course at Arlington Community Education.

My Background

I began my career in financial services as a training and technology coordinator for Northwestern Mutual in Bloomfield, CT. For three years, I help agents with their computers, trained new guys on the Northwestern way, and oversaw a rollout of a new Seibel based CRM system.

With all of that under my belt, I moved up to the Boston area and took on the position of Investment Operations Manager in Wellesley. I was responsible for the investment back office for approximately 50 financial representatives. I earned my 6&63 and ran a very tight ship for just under three years.

Then in 2006, Bank of America recruited me for a position in a brand new client relationship department. The experiment was a bust after a year. It wasn’t all a failure, though. I discovered the incredible world of marketing.

In 2007, I began working at SimpleTuition. Here I was exposed to the brave new world of online marketing and social media. I carefully monitored web traffic to the company site and worked with the sales department to develop print materials. I coordinated and managed attendance at industry tradeshows. I joined this little social network called Twitter along with Facebook to see what they were. I even started learning a little HTML. I was hooked.

I went back to school began studying for my Master’s degree. While in school, I took jobs that would enhance different marketing skills. I worked as a temporary employee at the Boston Conservatory designing flyers and programs, managing the website, and executing weekly email campaigns that highlighted upcoming performances, lectures, and master sessions.

As a consultant with LexMedia, I honed my video production skills while promoting LexMedia and developing their social media presence. I developed an online marketing plan, managed their email newsletter, and created an introduction video to be shown at events and meetings (http://vimeo.com/16963236). In less than a year, I increased memberships by 35%.

During my tenure at Reed Elsevier, I assisted with the launch of mkp.com. I managed online social media campaigns for Syngress and Morgan Kaufmann. I worked with the creative team to create banner ads, brochures, and print ads. At Cengage Learning, I developed a new departmental service focused on expediting custom product development.

The wide range of skills I have developed over the year allows me to view the big picture. I understand how businesses operate and feel that marketing should help, not hinder your bottom line. I am always looking for new projects. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a free initial consultation.

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