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Hi friends,

I am Shashank Vaidya,
your friend and career counseler. Like you I am also a Civil Engineer by qualification.
I have had a fairly interesting and varied work experience. I was initiated in the
practise of Civil Engineering (construction) in the Indian Railways. I was fortunate
to have the opportunity to rough it out at construction sites, interacted with design
engineers, solve tricky construction problems, handle contractual disputes and then
to train others.

I have rubbed shoulders
with HR professionals and have interacted with hundreds of Civil Engineers during
the course of my professional work, conducting training programmes and taking job
interviews. Many of my colleagues have informally approached me for advise related
to career moves for themselves and their children or relatives.

The pleasure of helping
others through these interactions have motivated me to bring this portal to you.
This is an attempt to extend, to the Civil Engineers in all parts of this large
country, the benefit of a systematic career counseling advice. It’d be ideal to
have a one-on-one session to make the advice more effective and relevent, but that
we will have to leave it to your convenience.

I assure you that in
helping you chart the right career path as a Civil Engineer, I will maintain complete
confidentiality and professionalism. Being associated with many organizations, there
is a small chance that some conflict of interest may arise. Should this happen,
we at CPACE will ensure that your interest as our valued client is always protected.

Let us have a successful
journey as civil Engineers…….together!


My name is Jyotirmoy Banerjee. I am a Graduate Civil Engineer (Honours) with Masters in Human Resource Management. For over fifteen years I have been associated with reputed corporate giants in the Indian construction space. Having been in the construction industry with a dual specialization enabled me to envisage the challenges as well as opportunities for civil engineers from an employee as well as employers perspective. During initial days of my career as a project engineer, I have been struggling to get a guide who can draw a career path for me. At the present stage of my professional life I find numerous civil engineers passing out from colleges with high IQ and EQ alongwith good marks but still being rejected by prospective employers on the pretext of not having the requisite skillsets.

So where does these skillsets come from? When should we start grooming ourselves to fit into the construction industry? What are the career options open to me based upon my personality? These questions cannot be answered upfront by anyone except for a career counselor who would specialize only in the field of civil engineering and construction industry.

The expertise that I bring along has a unique blend of technical competence and human capital management skills. Being an avid facilitator in the domain of learning and development, I seek tremendous satisfaction in contributing whatever best I can towards the civil engineering fraternity.

By now you must have realized that the biggest threat that our country faces today is not due to unemployment but of unemployability. CPACE is an attempt to bridge this gap between the industry skill demand and the existing skillsets of civil engineers.

I wish all civil engineers a smooth ride ahead!



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