19 Nov

Italian charms – wholesale & retail italian charm bracelets



Charms are the hottest craze in the
world of jewelry.  They can be
seen on movie stars, musicians, even
a certain tv show cooking host
always wears one!

Kent’s Italian Charm Bracelets
allow you to express your
individuality by assembling and
wearing interlocking charms of your
choice. With thousands of charms to
choose from, in dozens of styles,
the combinations are totally
endless; nobody will ever have the
exact same bracelet as yours. You
can even create your own custom

offer licensed charms such as
Disney, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob,
Garfield, Peanuts, Looney Toons,
Universal, Dora, Sesame Street and

Kent’s Discount Italian Charms –
Save 30-50% on select Italian charms
at JJ Kent Italian Charm Bracelets.

Charms – What they are

Charm Bracelets are an exciting, hot
new jewelry item that allows you to
express your individuality and
interests by assembling and wearing
interlocking charms. Unlike the
old-style “dangling charm
bracelets,” Italian Charms are
flat, rectangular interlocking
links, and each link has a different
design. The result is a sleek,
stylish bracelet that you can easily
change again and again by removing,
adding and rearranging unique
Italian charms. 

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