23 Nov

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Students Organizing the Multiple Arts taking over the web!

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Hey guys,
A few officer meetings ago we actually were able to keep the ADD under control and formulated a magnificent idea. I decided to take that scheme and turn it into a reality. I poured my heart and soul into it and after a long, excruciating 10 minute process I had brought this creature to fruition. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to announce that SOMA has once again expanded into the realm of social networking, now conquering the giant that is youtube! At this rate of success we will soon pass the economy of Beligium Anyways come check it out and join if you have a youtube account. All films,advertisements or whatever whacky videos you feel like sharing with the Penn State community are welcome! you can join at:


It has also come to my attention that another one of these nifty tools was concocted earlier this semester and has gone largely underused. I of course speak of our SOMA Lastfm page! It was a brilliant idea forged by our Always-Changing-But-Currently-Titled-Sex Titan Alex. However, he still remains the only member of this machine, what gives? So please check out this fun little page at:


On that note, I will go about my Saturday, please send me or any other officer any feedback on the sites!

-Webmaster Bill

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