24 Nov

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This dilemma has been going on as far back as 2007. Typically automotive dealers have resisted the use of social media and other digital marketing avenues until recently. Fueled by the pressure from automotive manufacturers many car dealers are now testing the waters with social media as viable marketing stream.

row of billboardsMany questions arise because of the relatively new entrance into digital marketing by auto dealers. Of the thousands of sites out there which ones should I be on? Where are my customers using social media? How do I use it effectively? We’ll tackle some of those questions and share some best practices now.

 It is no easy task to try and locate you customer base and where they are actively engaging on various social media sites. Is it that much easier to know which billboard your customers or community will react to? Not likely. What about what radio station or print ad your customers will listen to or read? The same method you used years and years ago to figure out where to send your traditional marketing dollars should be used again for your social media and other digital marketingventures. The old “try it and see” method. When you first started your dealership it is quite likely that you hired a PR or Marketing firm whom specializes in automotive marketing. They figured out which local newspaper or television station had the most impact for their clients by trial and error. You benefited from their research and so have they.

The same goes for digital marketing firms like our very own. We have been running the old trial by error method for many years, some longer than others…

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