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Special event business advisors




Event Business Advisors (SEBA) is the first and only coaching service
to focus exclusively on small-business development in the Wedding
and Special Event Industry. SEBA was established in 1995 by veteran
event planner Sharon Jansen. While individual visions of success
differ, earning more and feeling happier are two of the main benefits
that working with SEBA typically produces.

Customized Programs

Utilizing today’s technology, Sharon’s highly-effective step-by-step
process is now available nationwide. Her coaching programs are customized
for you, the entreprenuer, depending on your needs and desires,
as well as the focus of your business. Whether you specialize in
event planning, wedding coordination, catering, entertainment, design,
etc., one aspect of the coaching program remains constant … you
are able to chart your own course and adjust its direction at any


Sharon started her event management company in 1981. During the
first eight years she expanded the business by creating a catering
division and adding a design team and prop warehouse. In 1989, Sharon
felt a desire to teach others what she had learned “the hard
way,” and began offering workshops for event planners.

In the early 1990s, an economic recession caused Sharon to re-think
her business strategy. She decided to divest the catering and design
operations, and bounced back as an independent event planner. Her
business grew quickly, but she still felt a need to counsel others.
Her passion for mentoring, business acumen, and 20 years of event
experience formed a strong foundation for helping other entrepreneurs
achieve success through one-on-one coaching … and SEBA evolved.

Today Sharon devotes herself to coaching full-time. She offers
satisfaction-guaranteed programs for a broad range of event disciplines,
and has assembled a distinctive group of technical advisors with
whom she confers as necessary. Plans are now underway to publish
a series of “how to” workbooks for special event entrepreneurs,
and her successful clients will be cast as the main characters.


  • Twenty-years experience in the Special Event Industry as a small-business
  • Fifteen-years experience in corporate marketing, training and
  • Consultant and mentor for hundreds of successful business start-ups
    and expansions.
  • Expertise in developing and teaching accredited entrepreneurial
  • Instructor, George Washington University Event Management Certificate
    Program at the University of San Diego.
  • Instructor, Orange Coast College Community Education.
  • Founding member, International Special Events Society (ISES).
  • Founding president, Association of Special Event Professionals.
  • Past president, Chamber of Commerce.
  • Active Membership in the Association of Bridal Consultants
    (ABC), International Coaching Federation (ICF), International
    Special Events Society (ISES), National Association of Women Business
    Owners (NAWBO), and Southern California Culinary Guild (SCCG).

Advisory Board Coming Soon

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