06 Dec

An experience at the royal opera house

The theme of this event was partly about ‘Silence Fails – Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations’.
So a component of this conference addressed roughly the following: if someone or a team makes a mistake and fails to confess, a whole project could fail, if we apply this to medical care it could even cost human lives. However, if the mistake would have been confessed right after it was made, a lot could be saved and your project could have been successful. Research shows that only 30% of all large projects are successful… (this is quite a simple explanation, however for the overall picture of the design of the event it is imperative).

The conference was held in the famous ‘Crush Room’ of the Royal Opera House.
During lunch time the guests were invited for an exclusive ‘back stage’ tour where no tourist has ever been.

The gala dinner started with a Masterclass in the Ashton Studio with two world famous ballet dancers who were instructed and finetuned by their personal coach before their performance that evening. Our guests gathered around the dancers in the studio just a fingertip away from them. We experienced the fine details that make their performance top class and the minor mistakes they make that could destroy the whole show. After the Masterclass, we had dinner in the McMillan studio and we invited the dancers and the choreographer around our tables to share a culinary dinner.

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