25 Jan

Radiation Exposure and Hypothyroidism

Physical Effects of Radiation Exposure from Iodine 131

Some of the main effects of internal radiation exposure with or without hypothyroidism to Iodine 131 include autoimmune thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, nodules and neoplasia. People who are exposed to the release of Iodine 131 include from the production of nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. However people who fight from the in-flight ignition of atomic bombs do have a higher risk factor for developing thyroid disease or thyroid cancer or even both. Specifically, people who are exposed to radiations during their childhood receive higher medication cares which in most of the cases are cyclical over time. These people are more helpless than those people who are exposed during their adulthood.

Radiation exposure can cause many health related effects when either sufficient cells in the body are killed immediately enough to disturb the function of the tissues or damaging cells which are entirely repaired however they are still viable. Iodine 131 radiation exposure may affect body cells in the thyroid glands which can lead to thyroiditis or hypothyroidism. It may even cause malignant or benign thyroid nodules or tumors. The thyroid glands have one of the low cell proliferation rates of the tissues in the body and its reviving capacity is always low.

Some of the other effects of radiation exposure include greater risks for thyroid neoplasm which remains higher for at least 40 years even after the exposure. Thyroid exposure to both external and internal radiation may cause an immune response. An alteration in the thyroid autoimmunity after the Iodine 131 therapy has been recognized to the release and production of autoantigents as the outcome of radiation alterations.

Reason to evaluate the effect of radiation exposure

It is important to evaluate the extended low dose rate radiation exposure effects on the thyroid glands of those staying in the steel buildings which are 60 Co-contaminated. Some of the methods and materials to calculate the effect of radiation exposure include anti-thyroid microsomal antibodies, determination of thyroid function, ultra-sonography and physical examination of the thyroids. The ultrasound guided target cytology was performed on several people for thyroid nodules. This examination subjects were stratified by the age at the study (on the people aged 15 years and above), exposure dose to the body and by sex. The information on dose response on the occurrence of number of thyroid diseases was actually evaluated by the various logistic regression evaluations.

Consequences and Conclusions

The occurrence of easy goiters was associated to the radiation exposure with the dose response connection for the females above 15 years and males of all the ages. There was a biological incline of occurrence of thyroid cyst with the enhancement in the exposure doses for females of all the ages. However, the occurrence of increased serum tri-iodothyronine levels has showed dose response connections for the males above the age of 15. An important boost in the thyroid abnormalities with the exposure dose was practical for both females of 15 years and males of all the ages.

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