31 Jan

Menozac: The Natural Menopause Treatment

The menopause in a natural and important part of a woman’s life cycle. It generally occurs sometime between the late forties and early fifties but for some it can start in the thirties or even younger. The menopause signals the end of menstruation and officially starts 12 months after a woman’s final period. There are three stages to the menopause – early or perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.

The transitional stage of the menopause is known as perimenopause and it usually begins a few years before the actual start of the menopause. The ovaries start to produce less estrogen when a woman reaches her forties and is in the perimenopause stage. This stage lasts about four years on average but can be as little as a few months or as long as ten years. Near the end of this stage when the estrogen levels start decreasing rapidly you start to see menopausal symptoms. These range from hot flashes and irregular periods to loss of sexual appetite and mood swings plus a whole host of others. When this stage is over the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs and the menopause begins.

One thing to bear in mind is that menopausal symptoms can be easily confused with hypothyroidism as they can be very similar. A simple thyroid screening can be organized by your doctor to determine the condition which is affecting you so make sure you discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor. As the menopause symptoms wear off you can have an increased risk of other longer term health problems which are related to low estrogen so you may need to consult your doctor again about a plan to manage your hormone levels.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is used widely is a treatment for menopause. One of the benefits of HRT is that it is also very good for the prevention of osteoporosis and heart disease. However some women do not like the idea of taking it because of the increased risk of Endometrial cancer, blood clots and strokes associated with it and so these women are looking for more natural remedies. There are various herbs which are good for treating many of the symptoms. One popular natural botanical remedy is Menozac.

Some of the ingredients which Menozac incorporates include Black Cohosh which has long been known for it’s ability to alleviate, symptoms related to the menopause, Soy which contains natural plant estrogens and Damaiana for relieving anxiety and helping to induce a state of relaxation. Damiana is believed to be very helpful to those women who are suffering from sexual anxieties and problems related to the menopause.

If you are experiencing menopausal symptoms and you are sexually active then make sure you continue to use birth control as it is still possible to become pregnant at this time. It is a good idea to continue with birth control for a good year after the onset of the menopause.

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